2017 Airsoft Courses

We are planning to run more courses covering topics like:

1) Intro to Airsoft;

2) Gun Safety;

3) Playing tactics and many more.

It will be for ages 10 years upwards, but anyone under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Ww will be announcing details of the next courses soon. Please contact us with your requirements.

Any questions? Feel free to pop into the shop or message me @ 1066 Airsoft Facebook

The March 20th event on our woodland skirmish site was reviewed in the June issue of Airsoft Action Magazine

Our aim is to maintain and improve the 1066 Airsoft Woodland Site continuously to maintain a quality skirmishing site for all games. In spite of recent bad weather we have managed to complete the maintenance of the site and create improved sections of the skirmish area.

This will ensure the game play during the skirmishing events continues to be challenging and raises the level of play for all participating players. We are always looking to create and design new ideas / structures that we can add to the site to enhance the quality of play and this means the site will evolve and grow in complexity over time.

We are also continually looking for additional sites on which we can hold events on either an ad-hoc or regular basis to provide added variety in the game play offered.

All our Skirmishes are now Biodegradable BB use only and this applies to any site where we operate a Skirmish. This is non-negotiable and only BBs purchased from us can now be used at our events for reasons of player safety and site sustainability. We will be offering a full range of high quality biodegradable, competitively priced BBs in our shop at 111 Sedlescombe Road North, Silverhill, St Leonards and on site at our Events . We also now sell gift vouchers and these will be redeemable via the shop for goods or services and via our events.

Thank you to all the volunteers who recently who gave a lot of their time and worked hard on the site to ensure the it is ready and developed for all future events.

Bookings for all our Skirmishing events can be made via our Events page


AEG/Full Auto weapons – 350fps (No variance)
Semi Auto DMR – 450fps (No variance)
Bolt action sniper – 500fps (No variance)

DMR and Sniper subject to minimum engagement distances

All realistic imitation firearms and imitation firearms (RIFs and two tone guns) will be chronographed with site magazine & 0.2gm bb at the start of an event and are subject to random chrono testing throughout the day. 1066 Airsoft reserve the right NOT to allow the use of any RIF over the FPS limit. For any questions regarding FPS limits please contact us directly.

The minimum player age is 12 and all under 16 year old players must be signed in by an appropriate adult on the Event day. All under sixteen players MUST wear a full face mask and we recommend that an adult accompanies any under sixteen player at their first event.

BAC (British Airsoft Club) registration

Our skirmishing site and shop are both now BAC (British Airsoft Club) registered. This means that we can qualify players for BAC membership via game play on our woodland site. In addition, existing and new BAC members can maintain their membership status via playing on the site for a minimum number of times during each membership year. See the BAC website for details of initial and ongoing minimum game play membership requirements @ British Airsoft Club. Furthermore, we can also sell rifs to BAC members subject to a membership currency check.


Corporate and Social event bookings.

We welcome social event and corporate group bookings. We generally integrate such groups into one of our weekly Skirmishes which we run at our woodland site. This allows us to provide more intense and challenging game play as the groups play with and against experienced Airsoft players.

Events include the rental of all the equipment and consumables needed for a full day’s play – normally 8.30 to 15.30 – and a hot lunch. We can also arrange private, bespoke events  and  will provide a quote on request. Please submit a quote request via the form on our Contact-Us page.

Airsoft Gun manufacture

The longer term aim is for 1066 Airsoft Ltd to be the first UK manufacturer of Airsoft guns and equipment. We have already started with some R&D for small gun parts and gearbox parts and these are at an early stage in the design process.

We want to make these small but vital gun parts ourselves if the design and development processes are successful. In addition, new designs for pieces of tactical kit are also being discussed and researched.

Our vision is to eventually build our own range of airsoft guns and equipment. However we will start with some small gun parts and some equipment thus building up over time as the customer base increases with each new development.

The WE GP1799 is a new product developed specifically for airsoft competitions.

Inherited from the acclaimed WE G-Series internals, it offers powerful blow-back and balanced stability, giving the most innovative and ideal results.

The key feature is most of the parts are in common with the G-Series. Apart from the pistol frame, other components, such as magazine, mechanics, spare parts, etc. are 90% the same as the G-Series !!!

Slides of the G-Series can be used on this pistol. Vice versa, the slide of this pistol is suitable for different models in the G-Series.

AT only £120 we do have limited stock as they’re selling so fast it’s amazing.

About Brent Cooper

Brent Cooper is 32 years old, is an Airsoft enthusiast and has been involved in the sport for a number of years now. Because of his passion for the sport of Airsoft, Brent decided to set up 1066 AIRSOFT Ltd to bring the sport that he loves to his part of the UK.  As many of the airsoft community are aware, the sport of Airsoft gets a lot of negative publicity from people who are not involved in the sport. So, Brent has now started to show people within his local community the massive positives that the sport of Airsoft can bring to people of all ages. 

Within  THE DOGS OF WAR 1066 AIRSOFT CLUB and the amazing support from other members, a start has been made to involve younger people and their families to help them understand that through education and support these new players can enjoy and reap the benefits of the sport  i.e. team building skills / communication skills e.g. using radios and also face to face / confidence building and leadership skills.  

Brent’s team,  THE DOGS OF WAR 1066 AIRSOFT CLUB,  encourages both male and female players.

Through the sport of Airsoft, Brent promotes an anti-bullying ethos with younger players by building self-confidence. He also encourages the notion and importance of being a team player and instils a sense of trust and community among his group members and customers.

Our services

We offer an all-inclusive service for our customers by supplying the replica guns and all other accessories associated with the sport, for example, scopes, ammunition, gun parts and items for cleaning and maintaining guns efficiently to ensure the correct and safe working of all equipment. To ensure our customers are protected in all aspects and have the correct equipment, we also offer a range of protective gear and clothing.

Pics 02

Within the retail unit we have had a firing range specially built so that customers can try out new guns and pistols in a controlled and safe environment. The business offers a full diagnostic and repair service for guns and pistols so that customers can come to us with any equipment that may be malfunctioning.

At our premises, we disassemble the guns to diagnose the faults and fix them on site. The firing range  is also extremely useful for testing repaired guns which is essential to ensure that any repair work is completed to our exacting standards. Our customers can then have their gun / pistol returned to them and be confident that it is functioning 100%, having seen it in action on the firing range.